Robert K. Dornan

Bob Dornan on Civil Rights

As his entire life shows, Bob has never been content to sit on the sidelines when his country needed him. Whether it was fighting for equal rights in America or human rights around the globe, Bob Dornan was there, making a difference. And that’s the Dornan difference, living up to his personal credo…Faith, Family, and Freedom.

Bob has a history of standing up for his beliefs and fighting to strengthen America.

Bob instinctively comes to the aid of the underdog. Life hasn't always been easy for Bob, and he has never forgotten the people who helped him when times were tough. America has been good to Bob Dornan. And everyday he is giving something back.

In the summer of 1963, on a hot day in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., proudly wearing his Air Force uniform and pilot wings, sat Capt. Robert K. Dornan. He was there for Martin Luther King Jr.’s equal rights March on Washington. He was there for the same reason that thousands of others went that day – because he was outraged that the individual rights of some Americans were being violated. He went because he felt that his presence would help put an end to a vicious injustice. The Constitution of the United States is sacred to Bob. He was there to ensure that it applied to everyone.

Never in American history had there been a demonstration like the one Aug 28, 1963. The crowd that gathered were the frontline troops in the fight for equal rights and the catalyst for the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Bob is proud that he was presented on that historic day, which helped transform this nation into a more open and equal place.

A year later, in 1964, Dornan was again putting it on the line for equal rights, this time in Mississippi, where he went at personal risk to register black voters (the FBI reported a KKK death threat against Bob). This kind of personal involvement makes Bob Dornan what President Ronald Reagan described as "…an American original!"

Other Dornan efforts on behalf of "the underdog":

Bob Dornan marching with Martin Luther King Jr.

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